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Mission Trip Updates

Thailand Trip April 2015


Hello Everyone. We spent 3 days in Lloyds coffee shop working very very hard prepping the walls. They had to tear a layer of egg cartons n then a layer of a thick carpet type of insulation that was glued to stay forever! That was on the walls and ceiling. We scraped, scratched, used screwdrivers, crowbars, sandpaper, anything we could think of to do or use to get the walls clean. Finally got it done and today (Wed) the guys started painting. I believe they are mostly done with it. This afternoon the ladies visited and played with special needs children at a children’s home. That was interesting. Tonight we are at the coffee shop for prayer meeting. Tomorrow at noon we leave for a village 2 hours away for children’s camp. We come back Saturday evening. We will teach English, Bible, and have activities with the kids. Pray for spiritual and physical protection, and energy to keep up with the kids. This will be stretching for these older ladies. 🙂 Some of the fellows will be building a water tower. Thailand is beautiful and so is the weather. We are having lots of fun experiencing the culture. Lloyds are great hosts!


See you later.

-Anna Ruth