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Covid 19 Update

Recommendations for Church Reopening, May 17th


Hello, Brother’s & Sister’s…

As promised on the phone message, here are a few more specifics concerning our first service back together.


    1. Service starting at 9:30 with welcome and Hymns, family altar time testimonies and announcements, praise & worship time, morning message, ending with closing song. There will be No Sunday school.


    1. If for any reason you do not feel comfortable coming, PLEASE STAY AT HOME! We will not view you as any less, we want you to have the freedom to make that choice.

a.  If you have any of the COVID-type symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) please do not attend. If you are sick with the common cold or other illness, please stay home.

b.  If you are a health care provider or first responder, please feel free to stay at home.

c.  If you are concerned about your own health or the possibility of being a virus carrier, please feel free to stay home.


    1. Ushers will help seat families together (including youth) in order to adhere to social distance recommendations.


    1. Those who prefer or are more comfortable wearing a face mask are encouraged to do so, however, masks are not required to attend.


    1. Those that have concerns about their own or their family’s health may choose to leave immediately after the service is over or may choose to watch the livestream service.


    1. We encourage parents to keep their children with them during the service.


    1. The library will be closed.


    1. Hand sanitizer stations will be available at designated locations.


    1. There will be doormen opening the doors for you at the front entrance.


    1. Morning bulletins will not be handed out – they will be on the table in the foyer.


    1. Offering baskets will be not be passed around – they will be placed at the rear of the church.


    1. Microphones (for family altar time) will not be passed around.


    1. Be sensitive to ‘social distancing’ and respectful of others’ feelings.


    1. Please be advised, these are recommendations, we will not be policing them.


As we get back together, there are a lot of different opinions about how this should be done. There are different conclusions that individuals have come to about the COVID-19 subject. Our heart’s desire is that, we will be very gracious with each other and not cause division by speaking negatively.


Please make this a time of encouraging one another with words of life.


Navigating Different COVID